Rhonda Kropff



A little about myself... 

I am from Kansas City and have lived in

the area for most of my life, other than a

couple of years when I lived in Montana

as a little girl. I'm married and have 2

sons. Aside from professional 

photography, I also have have a

career in the Program Management.


My husband gave me a digital camera for

my birthday several years ago. 

Photography quickly became my passion. 

Or, would obsession be a better word? In

any case, I'm seldom without my camera. 

I guess I caught the fever.


There almost always will be some hidden 

treasures to unfold during the post-

processing phase. It is, in a sense, a

connection into another world allowing

me to see and capture things that we 

don't always have the opportunity to 

notice at first glance or possibly at all 

with the human eye.


For example, do you know the color of the eyes of a white ibis? A southern bald eagle? Many times it is the simplest of things that are the most beautiful. When you find the perfect sunset... when a sparrow is found feeding her chicks... when you notice the owl before he notices you... This list goes on and on. It is why photgraphy is one of my greatest passions. Please visit the www.RFKphoto.com galleries, particularly The Collection gallery (this gallery includes some of my personal favorites), to see more beautiful photos. Check back often, as I'm continually adding new photos!

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